I'm an IT specialist. My career is divide in three phases.

I'm starting my work career as Developer. This was the first stage.

After two years I understood that I needed a change. Discussions with my boss were become frequent and I said this at his boss. So, thanks to those who believe me, I changed the team and the work.

From developer to Database Management. This was the second stage.

I love to study so I started studying hard to learn Oracle.
I developed a project in an Agile team, first in the core, and then as a database support specialist.
At that moment I really understood what team means, and the important difference between team and group of people.
I realized that a team that runs well can produce everything.

I seen another change in the company and I took the opportunity, in the final stage I became a Database Administrator.

Now I work as Database Administrator in a great team and I commit myself every day to preserve the mood that we have created.