It's an important team property.
If you want to do great something don't make it alone.

The cooperation allows the team to create the collective intelligence .
The collective intelligence can be used to solve some issues that you cannot solved alone.

To cooperate you have to sharing information , exchanging advice, sticking together and making responsibility .

Don't work for yourself but share the informations with others team members.
It allows another team member to continue your job and grow the whole team. You can asking support to others team members when you not know how to solve some issue. You can ask to work together to improve the efficiency of a job. You can work together to create an exaustive documentation. It's not important what is your job, it's always possible to work together. Also a coffee break is the opportunity to collaboration and sticking together.

Furthermore, it is important to make commitments that will help you complete a job by taking responsibility for that job. The responsibility means take the compliments or criticisms for the work done.

It makes possible to create a collaborating working .

Collaborating working means that

value of the work produced

by a team is more than sum of the values produced by each team member.